3-Way Ball Valves

Ceresist’s line of 3-way multi-port ceramic-lined ball valves have been developed to offer a dependable and robust valve with an extremely long-term maintenance-free service life. The ball is manufactured of zirconia ceramic to offer enhanced strength, while the seats and flow-path liners are made of the most wear and abrasion resistant ceramic we offer – sintered silicon carbide. The alumina ceramic body and silicon carbide caps fully enclose the ball to form a completely cavity-filled interior.

The CV1M valve balls are offered in either a “T” or “L” flow-path pattern.



  • Solid ceramic protects the valve from erosive wear throughout all flow paths
  • Cavity-filled interior
  • Live-loaded seats and stem packing
  • Trunnion ball design
  • Mounting pad and stem in compliance with ISO 5211
  • Shutoff per IEC Standard 60534-4 Class IV-S1
  • Low operating torque

Technical Specifications

Size Range: ½” to 6”
Pressure Rating: ANSI 150 lb. and ANSI 300 lb.
Max Operating Temperature: 400° F
Max Thermal Shock Ability:
500° F
Max Operating Pressure: 1,000 psig
Max Differential Pressure: 150 psi
Ceramic Material: SiC, Zirconia, Alumina
Flow Path Options: L or T Flow Paths

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