PCV-Series Shutoff Valves

pcv-series-shutoff-valvesThe PCV-Series shutoff ball valves feature a ceramic ball and live-loaded ceramic seats, which offer a low-torque Class V bidirectional shutoff as standard. Optional ceramic flow-path liners further protect the flow-path from erosive wear. The PCV Series valves are an economical and extremely durable shutoff valve ideal for use in highly abrasive fluids.





  • Ceramic ball and seats
  • Bidirectional shut-off according to IEC Standard 60534-4 Class IV-S1
  • Live-loaded packing
  • Top mounting in compliance with ISO 5211
  • 24-month warranty

Technical Specifications

Size Range: ½” to 6”
Pressure Rating: ANSI 150 lb. and ANSI 300 lb.
Max Operating Temperature: 400° F
Max Thermal Shock Ability: 500° F
Max Operating Pressure: 1,145 psig
Max Differential Pressure: 300 psi
Ceramic Materials: SiC, Zirconia, WC
Body Options: SS316 or Carbon Steel


PCV-Series Valve Brochure
PCV-Series Dimensional Drawing
PCV-Series Parts List


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