WarrantyOur Quality Department tests and ensures all of our products are 100% inspected before shipment.  To offer our customers additional peace of mind, all of our products carry a 24-month warranty against defects or faulty workmanship.

Our fluid-flow products such as pipe and fittings, valves, chokes, orifice plates, etc., carry a warranty against corrosion, erosion, defects, and/or faulty workmanship.  The warranty is determined for each application, with the maximum duration being 24 months in service.  Should any of the components fail within the warranty period, Ceresist will replace or repair the defective product(s) at no cost to the end user.  Please contact Ceresist for details on how to obtain a warranty for our products.

Our warranty does not cover damages resulting from misuse, installation in processes outside of the safe product limits, modification, use of third party accessories, direct or consequential damages.  Please read and follow the installation manual of the item carefully before installation and use.