Ceramic / Rubber Mats

Ceramic / rubber mats provide excellent erosion, impact, and sliding abrasion resistance in severely-aggressive conveying applications.  The damping effect of the rubber backing prevents damage to the ceramic wear components, adds to mat longevity, and greatly lowers noise.



  • Wear Resistant:  Manufactured with fine-grain alumina ceramic which is 12 times more wear resistant than steel
  • Optimal Arrangement:  The exposed ceramic faces are optimally arranged to minimize rubber exposure and extend useful life
  • Impact Resistant:  The rubber backing absorbs impact which would otherwise cause plain ceramic tiles or mats to fail rapidly
  • Noise Reducing:  The shock-absorbing qualities of the rubber backing effectively reduces noise and vibration
  • Variety of Options:  Our ceramic/rubber mats are offered in a variety of ceramic shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to suit any application

Technical Specifications

Ceramic Material: CER-1200 (90% fine-grain alumina)
Backing Material: Natural Rubber
Surface Finish: As-Fired
Dimensional Tolerance: ±1.5%
Porosity/Water Absorption: 0%

Size Range: 4″ x 4″ to 20″ x 20″
Thickness Range: 0.8″ to 2.4″


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