Grinding Media

_D705408Ceresist stocks and distributes spherical and cylindrical high-purity alumina grinding media for wet or dry milling.  The hard, imperveous, wear-resistant alumina ceramic is mills faster with negligible contamination. It’s not affected by most chemicals, is non-conductive, non-magnetic, and chip-resistant.



Size Range

Spherical Size Range: 0.5 mm through 70 mm
Cylindrical Size Range: 12 x 12 mm through 55 x 55 mm

Technical Specifications

Ceramic Material: CER-1200 (90% fine-grain alumina)
Surface Finish: As-Fired
Dimensional Tolerance: ±1.5%
Apparent Density: 3.60 g/cc2
Flexural Strength: 338 MPa
Compressive Strength: 2,482 MPa
Hardness: 1,058 kg/mm2
Maximum Temperature Limit: 1,500° C
Average Grain Size: 4 micron
Porosity/Water Absorption: 0%

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