Z-Max™ Ceramic Butterfly Valves

Ceresist’s Z-Max™ butterfly valve series feature a zirconia ceramic liner, disc, and shrouds to outperform valves with conventional alloy trim. Zirconia ceramic exhibits 2.5 times the fracture toughness of any alumina, nitride, or carbide ceramic, and is 12 times more wear resistant than stainless steel.

The solid zirconia Z-Max™ valve ensures reliable, consistent control together with high wear resistance.



  • All wetted parts are solid zirconia ceramic
  • Blowout-proof stem
  • Extended body and offset stem provide downstream protection against erosion
  • Ceramic shroud shields stem from erosion
  • ISO Mounting Pad
  • True full-port; valve I.D. matches pipe I.D.

Technical Specifications

Size Range: 2” to 10”
Pressure Class: ANSI 150 and ANSI 300 lb.
Max Working Pressure: 750 psig
Max Differential Pressure: 750 psig
Temperature Range: -100° F to 400° F
Thermal Shock Resistance: 660° F
Valve Leakage Classification: Class I



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