Ceramic-Lined Pipe and Fittings

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Ceramic-Lined Pipe and Fittings

The use of Ceresist ceramic-lined pipe and fittings is ideal in services that are prone to erosive wear, and where standard pipe and fittings would fail within 24 months or less.

Ceresist ceramic-lined pipe and fittings are designed to outlast linings such as glass, rubber, basalt, hard-facings, and coatings that are commonly used to extend the life of piping systems.  All pipe and fittings feature extremely wear resistant ceramics that are also exceptionally corrosion-resistant.


Ceramic Material Comparison

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CER-500 – Reaction-Bonded Silicon Carbide

CER-500 is formed by slip-casting which allows us to form a monolithic ceramic linings without any seams.  The flow-path is smooth without any abrupt changes in direction (as is typical with mitered bends), resulting in a less turbulent flow and increased wear resistance.

CER-500 is our standard lining material for fittings.  It consists of sintered silicon carbide particles fired in a silicon metal matrix and is thirty times more wear-resistant than carbon or stainless steel.  CER-500 exhibits superior chemical resistance and possesses excellent mechanical properties.
CER-1200 – 90% Alumina Ceramic

Our alumina ceramic grade CER-1200 is 42% harder than chrome carbide hard-facing, three times harder than glass, and nine times harder than carbon or stainless steel.  Alumina also exhibits an extremely high level of corrosion resistance — even at high temperatures — and is the ideal material for high wear applications where corrosive and abrasive fluids are present.  It is a very cost-effective material, and its use is recommended in services that are highly aggressive.

Alumina-lined pipe and fittings are offered in tiled linings as well as internally-mitered, CNC ground tube segments.

Other Ceramic Lining Materials Offered
  • Sintered Silicon Carbide
  • Zirconia Ceramic

Ceramic Lined Fiberglass Piping

Our patent-pending, light weight ceramic-lined FRP pipe and fittings combine the corrosion-resistance of FRP and the wear-resistance engineered ceramics.  All ceramic liners are fabricated as a monolithic unit with absolutely no seams, with the fiberglass laid-up around the exterior of the ceramic.


  • Highly corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Lighter than steel
  •  ½” thru 42” diameter
  • Filament wound or contact molded
  • Epoxy and vinyl ester resins available

Technical Specifications

Size Range: ¼” to 48”
Pressure Rating: ANSI 150 lb. to ANSI 2,500 lb.
Max Operating Temperature: 1,200° F
Max Thermal Shock Ability: 750° F

Housing Materials

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloys
  • Fiberglass

FRP Specifications

ASTM C 582, ASTM D 2996, ASTM D4025, ASTM D5421



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