Burner Nozzles

Burner Nozzles – Indonesia

Pulverized fuel conveying is a process which encounters a lot of wear caused by erosion. Our customer at a power plant in Indonesia was replacing Sch 160 carbon steel nozzles every 6 months. The wear was caused by the coal in pulverizers and mills which are conveyed to the boiler burner to generate power.

The fine coal particles at high velocities caused failure of the nozzle which led to expensive shut downs.

Burner Nozzle

Burner Nozzle Interior

A 1″ thick, 90% alumina lining system was installed within the interior of the burner nozzles along with proper adhesive selection to ensure all the liners are mechanically as well as chemically bonded inside the steel housing. The burner nozzles are already in their fourth year of service and no considerable volume loss in the liners were observed.

In every case ceramic lining is designed to be suitable to a process.

Our strength is making use of the superior properties of engineering ceramics and designing a system which can withstand the wear-and-tear caused by any process.