In-Line (Threaded) Chokes

Inline Choke 4Ceresist ceramic-lined threaded chokes are specified for use in extremely erosive services that contain a high percentage of solids. The large radius entry of the chokes exhibit better consistency and flow recovery characteristics than sharp-edged orifice plates. Furthermore, our ceramic-lined chokes are more compact than venturi-style chokes. The silicon carbide ceramic choke insert is 30 times more wear-resistant than stainless steel, and offers years of maintenance-free service.



  • Silicon carbide ceramic liner
  • 30 times more wear-resistant than stainless steel
  • Impact resistant
  • Extended service life
  • Economical

Technical Specifications

Pipe Size Range: ¼” to 6”
Thread Type: National Pipe Thread (NPT), British Standard Thread (BST)
Max Operating Temperature: 1,200° F
Max Thermal Shock Ability: 750° F
Pipe Materials: Carbon steel, iron, stainless steel, galvanized iron and steel, brass, aluminum, alloy 20


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