Cosmix™ Ball Valves

The Cosmix ball valve was specifically engineered to withstand abrasion, corrosion or a combination of both. The standard ceramic material used in all Cosmix ball valves is 99.5% pure alumina ceramic, which is 8 times harder than stainless steel and 2½ times harder than Stellite®. Since the materials utilized in the Cosmix ball valve are so hard, this unique characteristic enables the valve to perform extremely well under the most erosive applications – including constant cavitation, high velocities, high differential pressures and high percent solids.



  • Solid 99.5% alumina ceramic body, seats, ball
  • Hastelloy-C stem
  • Stainless steel housing and hardware
  • Up to 4 different equal-percent characteristic trims and one round-ported trim per line size
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad and coupling

Technical Specifications

Size Range: ½” to 6”
Pressure Class: ANSI 150 and ANSI 300 lb.
Max Working Pressure: 300 psig
Max Differential Pressure: Up to 150 psig
Temperature Range: -100° F to 400° F
Thermal Shock Resistance: 120° F
Valve Leakage Classification: Class IV


Cosmix Brochure
Dimensional Drawing
Exploded View and Parts List
O&M Manual


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